March 8, 2021
DocuPhase strengthens product offerings by acquiring Treeno Software

(Clearwater, FL, March 8, 2021) DocuPhase, a leader in low-code / no-code Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, Business Process Automation, Payments, and Document Management, announced the acquisition of Treeno Software, a Document Management and Workflow Automation software provider based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

DocuPhase LLC, a Florida-based low-code / no-code AP automation, business process automation, payments, and document management software company, is primarily known for accounting automation serving enterprise organizations with a large volume of invoices, payments, complex AP approval workflows, and data warehousing as well as offering document retrieval to support rigorous compliance and auditing processes. Treeno Software has specialized in financial services, government, and K12 education organizations transitioning away from historical paper-based processes to cloud-based document management, mobile data entry, and workflow automation. Both companies will have the opportunity to provide customers with incremental capabilities, support, and services.

“We are excited to join forces with Treeno Software,” Dan Gaertner, CEO of DocuPhase, says. “Combined, Treeno and DocuPhase have over 40 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes create efficiency and increase productivity.” Both companies provide a tremendous value proposition through automation, document management, and payment processing to their clients, Dan Gaertner explains. “Acquiring Treeno allows us to serve a broader market. The real driver in bringing the companies together was to combine strengths and feature offerings to make both companies more competitive in their specialized market segments.”

Treeno Software, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Lisa McCoole, COO and VP of Sales, shared her enthusiasm about the acquisition. “We started this company 18 years ago with a vision to educate and help organizations become more efficient by leveraging advancements in cloud technology and online data storage. No one could predict the life-changing impacts that 2020 would bring to businesses and our personal lives. This past year has been a reflection point for us and has really highlighted the importance of our initial mission and vision.” The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent extended quarantine showed a lot of companies that the time for a digital transformation including automation of key business processes is now. Lisa McCoole continues, “Demand is at an all-time high with businesses continuing to adjust to new ways of conducting business online. The DocuPhase investment in Treeno is timely and will give us the resources and investment we need to continue to serve our customers and the growing demand for business automation.”

Ascentage Group served as the exclusive financial advisor to Treeno.

About DocuPhase
Provider of Low-Code / No-Code AP Automation, Business Process Automation (BPA), Payments, and Document Management, helping companies navigate Digital Transformation and reduce repetitive tasks. Founded in 2000 in Clearwater, FL, DocuPhase specializes in automating Accounting Processes, purchase orders, sales orders, invoice capture, AP Approvals, Payments, Vendor Management, and other business processes through the use of tools like web forms, workflow automation, data capture (OCR), ERP system integrations, digital document management, and more. For further information, please visit us on the Web at

About Treeno
Proven leader in enterprise document management (EDM) with its flexible, feature-rich, and affordable suite of document management and workflow solutions, designed to meet the needs of companies of any size. Treeno Software specializes in web forms to automate the capture of requests and automate the routing of files for approval and processing. With a reputation for reliability and the highest levels of customer service, Treeno Software consistently demonstrates that its products immediately increase productivity and operational efficiency by streamlining the workflow necessary to complete critical business processes. Easily configured for instant return-on-investment, Treeno's solutions also meet the highest standards for comprehensive security. For further information, please visit us on the Web at